Sparrow in 2016!

It's been a great year for us. So much has happened! Here's a quick recap of some cool stuff that happened with us this year.

  • We got an OFFICE! With a beautiful giant bird on the front window! You can't miss it at 22nd and Sansom. It took quite a while to find a good spot in Center City, and we're still excited to have a space of our own!
  • We acquired lots of new clients! Some of them include Bareburger, Wishbone, Matt and Marie's, Spicy Memory, Jake's Sandwich Board, and Scoop DeVille!
  • In that vein, we also started delivering flowers for Flowers and Co. on 19th and Sansom! They make some killer arrangements. 
  • Aaaand we also started delivering laundry for 10th Street Laundromat!
  • And don't forget the legal firms we started working with, like Krasner and Long!
  • We got RADIOS! We were living in the stone age before!

And those are just a few highlights from this year. 2017 is already shaping up to be the greatest year ever. Everything's coming up Sparrow!


Sparrow Cycling

Sparrow Cycling, 130 S. 22nd St. , Pniladelphia PA 19130